It’s all about people: How to find them, keep them and help them grow

Young people talking together


Date(s) - 20 January 2022
16:30 - 19:30


Are you one of these team leaders, HR professionals or entrepreneurs who are looking for some additional team members and struggling to find and keep the right people? You are not the only one! Today’s labour market is extremely stretched and attracting the right-fit persons is quite a challenge for the majority of employers, from small firms and local entrepreneurs, through mid-sized players, NGOs, advisory firms or scale-ups to international corporations.

How to find people, how to convince them that your organisation is the right place for them, how to make them feel good in their new team, how to enable them to perform well, how to help them grow professionally and how to keep them in a longer term? These are absolutely crucial questions which many HR professionals and team leaders ask.
While we don’t expect to answer them all during our workshop, we will discuss them, share expert views and, hopefully, give you some inspiration and ideas on how to deal with people matters and relations in your organisation.

It’s all about people!

16:30  –  Welcome
17:00  –  Panel discussion: How to attract and keep people in today’s challenging job market
17:30  –  Workshop: sessions in smaller groups
18:15  –  Networking, drinks & bites