CEE The Opportunity: The Growth Seminar


Date(s) - 15 December 2014
12:00 - 19:30

Hotel Van der Valk

The Growth Seminar for the Netherlands and Central and Eastern Europe

The seminar’s objective is to offer its participants interesting and insightful information about doing business in Central and Eastern Europe with focus on manufacturing, food industry and logistics.

The topics include:

  1.  Trade & Investment in the CEE
  • Production & Sales in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Purchase, Sales, Import, Export
  • Expansion into the CEE
  • Taxes, Legislation, Funding
  • Do’s & Don’ts in the CEE

2.  Innovative HR Solutions from and with Central & Eastern Europe

  •  Innovations in Talent Management & Acquisition
  • HR Tools for productivity increases
  • HR Tools beating personnel fluctuation
  • HR Tools for outsourcing of production processes

3. Talent Acquisition and Payrolling of foreign personnel

  • Payrolling foreign personnel in The Netherlands
  • Payrolling foreign personnel from the CEE: A1 Payrolling
  • Search & Selection of foreign personnel
  • Foreign personnel: from operative jobs to professionals

You can registred for the seminar on  the CEE the Opportunity website.