Once you have identified the Netherlands as a suitable market for your products and services, it is time to seriously start looking for business partners, distributors or directly your customers. The CDCC can help you in your search for the right counterparts.
We work as follows:

  • Presentation materials: We will start with thorough understanding of your requirements, products or services that you want to position. We will work jointly with you and your team to prepare the right presentation materials to position you appropriately with suitable parties
  • Targeting: We will identify parties to approach – prospects, potential partners or distributors
  • Selection: Based on your feedback, we will contact the selected parties
  • Contacting: We will organize meetings with responding parties, prepare agendas and join you at these meetings as per your preference
  • Follow up: as needed we will do a further follow up and, at the same time, review and assess the whole process with you

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