To conduct regular business in the Netherland and to deal with your Dutch partners, it may be more convenient and practical to set up your own legal entity in the country. The CDCC can help you take care of that, covering all the steps and elements that are needed for you to start smoothly running your Dutch entity and focus on your business growth.

Registration of your business
You can choose for having a physical office in the Netherlands but, especially at the beginning, it may be more convenient to set up only a postal address for your legal entity and phone services. That way your local clients and partners can mail anything to your Dutch address and call you on a Dutch phone number which can be either redirected to you or even answered by a native Dutch speaker professionally responding to inquiries and passing all information to you.

Establishing your Dutch legal entity
Jointly with our partners, we can take care of setting up your legal entity in the Netherlands, including selection of the right legal form, creation of a company with a notary, registration at the Chamber of Commerce (Dutch business register), setting up a bank account and other required steps as needed in your specific case.

Finding and renting work location/office
You may need to have a physical office in the Netherlands but at the same time do not what to deal with all the hassle to find it, set it up, equip, run and maintain. Together with our partners, the CDCC can find a suitable venue for your office – professional, fully served, flexible to reflect your current and future needs and easy to run. It has never been easier to get a professional work location in the Netherlands.

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