Polaris: Inspire & Impact Together 2019 – Leadership Championing Sustainability


Date(s) - 26 September 2019
9:30 - 16:45

Social Impact Factory Utrecht

Join the 3rd annual of the Inspire & Impact Together event hosted by Polaris, inclusive business network for women and men working in the Netherlands. The theme of this year’s event is Leadership Championing Sustainability.
You’ll learn about how to lead your business and yourself towards a more sustainable future. You will also get the chance to participate in two interactive workshops of your choice on the following topics:
  • logo PolarisHow to be fit for the future – how we can benefit from machine learning

  • How to best overcome imposter syndrome

  • Leading for the future – how to path the way to a thriving business and planet

  • Adopting an outward mindset – the first step to make a difference

  • Leading from the inside out – how can practicing mindfulness assist in social and environmental change.

To learn more about Polaris, please visit their website.