Seminar: Current Central European labour market challenges: Are you ready to face them?


Date(s) - 23 May 2019
15:00 - 20:00

Hotel Element Amsterdam

Are you considering relocating your business or part of it to Central Europe? Or you are you already active in the region?

Central Europe is a growing market offering many appealing business opportunities. However when doing business there, many companies soon find themselves endlessly and desperately searching for qualified and motivated employees. Once having found them, they struggle to retain them.

This seminar focuses on the staffing challenges that companies doing business in or relocating to Central Europe are facing. And more importantly, it covers how to tackle these challenges and how to turn them into opportunities to help grow your business.


Programme of the day

15:00-15:30  Registration and welcome

15:30-15:35  Opening by Ben Jansen, CEO of Déhora Consultancy Group

15:35-16:15  Keynote: Finding solutions for European labour market shortages and its cost implicationsby Robert Ruhl, Economist and founder of Next Markets Advisory

16:15-16:40  Workforce planning management 2.0: striking a perfect balance between the needs of employers and those of employees by Nunzio Totaro, Managing Director Déhora Central Europe

16:40-17:00  Coffee break

17:00-17:40  ‘Insights into modern logistics: robots as our future colleagues?’ by Jan-Willem Klinkenberg, Project Sales Director at TGW Logistics Group

17:40-18:05  Case study ‘Regional diversity as an important challenge to face in Poland’ by Lukasz Chodkowski, Managing Director Déhora Poland

18:05-18:30  Panel discussion about ‘The future of labour: what will it look like in 5 years from now?’

18:30-18:35  Closing speech by Nunzio Totaro, Managing Director Déhora Central Europe

18:35-20:00  Networking, bites & drinks


Registration fee: Free of charge


To register: please register directly on the Déhora website


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