Webinar: Lunch & Learn portion of inspiration


Date(s) - 09 June 2021
12:00 - 12:30


Every month Women in Tech Netherlands host Lunch & Learn online session bringing you a  portion of inspiration.

The Lunch & Learn program encourages you to learn something new or get inspired just within 30 minutes of your time. As the name suggests, these 30 minutes of inspiration take place during your lunch break. You can expect to e-meet with various entrepreneurs, innovators and experts in tech and other fields. So save the date and get ready to grab a sandwich, a cup of coffee or anything else and enjoy an inspiring story during your daily grind.

We are very excited to announce this month’s speaker will be: Katerina Veliskova

Katerina will share her experience as a free-lancer and what it takes. She will focus on how to leverage marketing for your personal branding, how to market yourself to grow your business, get new customers or to position for your next dream job.