Webinar: Never waste a good crisis


Date(s) - 03 March 2021
16:00 - 16:45


As everything negative brings something positive, also every crisis presents some opportunities. They should not be wasted because they may not repeat again. It is not a coincidence that smart and forward-looking organisations spend more in marketing and promotion in difficult times. They invest in their people, in new technologies and innovate. And they know that all that effort pays off.

Never waste a good crisis is the first webinar in our 2021 webinar series bringing you inspiration, tips, ideas how to cope with a crisis in which we currently are and how to even get the best out of it for your business. Because in every time, good or bad, there are opportunities for good business ideas and hard-working entrepreneurs.

During the event, we will first inspire you by several great success stories from the current challenging times that we go through across various sectors and then will share some tips and ideas that you can apply for your businesses. There will be also time for questions. The seminar will be presented by Katerina Veliskova, marketing and customer engagement expert, Bridge to Market.

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