How to ‘Never waster a good crisis’ – a webinar organized by the CDCC

On 3 March 2021 the CDCC hosted an online seminar called Never waste a good crisis.

As everything negative brings something positive, also every crisis presents some opportunities. They should not be wasted because they may not repeat again. It is not a coincidence that smart and forward-looking organisations spend more on marketing and promotion in difficult times. They invest in their people, in new technologies and keep innovating. And they know that all that effort pays off.

The webinar was presented by Katerina Veliskova, marketing expert and Executive Director at CDCC. Several examples of winning and losing players in the most recent crisis that the world has been experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic were discussed. While the sector in which an individual organisation operates plays a key role, there are several other fundamental elements that make all the difference between success and failure. As such, one brand got on the brink of bankruptcy while another player experienced the best year in its history.

Veliskova shared 7 tips how not to waste a crisis:

  1. Review your business model
  2. Keep your eyes open
  3. Focus on important and not urgent
  4. Look for new partnerships
  5. Go digital
  6. Be visible: Keep investing in marketing
  7. Engage with your customers

She further developed for each item and shared some examples demonstrating how it can be applied in practice. “A crisis is a time of instability or danger. But it is also a turning point when a change is imminent, for better or worse. We can decide how to deal with a crisis for our own business, how to react to it, how to adjust our business, how to use it as an opportunity and how turn it into something positive,” commented Katerina Veliskova.

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