Minerva 21 Netherlands celebrated first successes at its 2nd mentoring event

The Hague, 15 March 2017 – Minerva 21 Netherlands hosted its second mentoring event after a successful launch of the mentoring program in November 2016. Over 30 members of Minerva got together to listen to inspiring stories, learn from each other and network.

The main highlight of the event was and interview with Rostya Gordon Smith followed by her presentation on Personal Branding. Rostya Gordon Smith is the founder of Minerva 21 Czech Republic and one of the most reputable HR leaders in the Czech Republic, recognized as one of Top 50 HR experts in the world. During the meeting several mentoring pairs shared their experience with the program and the progress they have made so far.

“It was exciting to see what a difference just a few meetings with a good mentor can make in a career development of young professionals. I was very impressed by the stories I heard. And I am confident this is just a start of impact that Minerva 21 Netherlands can make.” said Katerina Veliskova, Board Member of Minerva 21 Netherlands.

Minerva 21 Netherlands, found in November 2017 under the umbrella of the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce, is a movement focused on making a difference in society by bridging the gender equality gap especially in leadership positions.

For more information or if you are interested to become a member of Minerva 21 Netherlands: info@cdcc.nl