The CDCC reception on the occasion of its third anniversary

Reception at the Czech Embassy, June 2017

On 14 June 2017, the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) with the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Netherlands hosted a reception on the occasion of its third anniversary.

The reception was opened by H.E. Jana Reinišová, Ambassador of the Czech Republic followed by Vladimira Chyska, chairperson of the CDCC who highlighted some recent successes of the Chamber and shared plans for forthcoming activities. The main part of the official programme was dedicated to an interview with Roman Holy, First Secretary for Economy and Trade at the Embassy of the Czech Republic. He was interviewed by Katerina Veliskova, Secretary and Treasurer of the CDCC. She asked about his experience from the Netherland, most significant recent successes of the Czech Diplomacy in the Netherlands, successful Czech companies and products in the country, differences between doing business in the two countries as well as questions about Mr Holy’s personal experience from the Netherlands, and more. Mr Holy mentioned the existence and work of the CDCC, supporting Czech companies to expand in the Netherlands and connecting them to the Dutch business communities as one of the key successes of the Czech economic diplomacy in the past years.

Mr Holy has served as the First Secretary at the Embassy for the past four years and in July his term of office comes to its end. “On behalf of the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank Mr Holy for his great support and commitment to develop and promote Czech business in the Netherlands. We highly appreciate the cooperation between the Embassy and the Chamber and trust that it can be further developed in the future. Let me wish Mr Holy all the best for his future endeavours,” said Katerina Veliskova.

Reception of the CDCC, June 2017
From left: Katerina Veliskova and Vladimira Chyska, CDCC

As the final part of the official programme, the guests had an opportunity to listen to a composition of a young talented composer and pianist Max van Platen.

The reception was attended by several members of the CDCC, entrepreneurs, and leaders from the Dutch and Czech business community as well representatives of various governmental and non-governmental organizations.
“We are very proud of the progress that the Chamber has made during the first three years of its existence. We have grown our member base and are excited about activities we plan and the support we can offer to our members in the future,” commented Vladimira Chyska.

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