Which points you should pay attention to when doing business in the Netherlands

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On 24 November 2022, the CDCC hosted an online legal seminar named ‘Attention points when doing business in the Netherlands’.

The participants learned from Brigitte Vanatova, VEEM.Legal about some key points that one needs to pay attention to when preparing and signing contracts with their Dutch business counterparts. Being well prepared and aware of the rules and their application can prevent firms or individuals from issues and a lot of wasted time and money later.

Some of the mentioned attention points included:

  1. Incomplete contract or no contracts
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. General terms and conditions
  4. Non-conformity of goods or services
  5. Applicable law
  6. Attachment of assets


Logo Veem.LegalVEEM.Legal is a niche law firm specialised in International Trade Law and Real Estate Law. They work works in collaboration with the Amsterdam-based law firm DKVA (De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten) thanks to which VEEM.Legal’s clients can obtain legal services in other fields of law. DKVA is a medium-sized law firm with approximately 30 lawyers and a broad range of legal services. The firm is characterized by putting clients’ interests first and a one-stop shop approach.

Get in touch with Brigitte Vanatova to learn more about these and other attention points.