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Online Tax Seminar unveils key changes in Dutch fiscal landscape, 30% ruling in particular

As of 1 January 2024, several changes came into force in the Dutch fiscal and [...]

How to avoid internet fraud when doing business internationally

Non-delivery of goods for which customers have already paid is becoming increasingly common. The question [...]

A new member: Projectman

The CDCC has the pleasure of introducing its new member, Projectman. Projectman is a network [...]

Which points you should pay attention to when doing business in the Netherlands

On 24 November 2022, the CDCC hosted an online legal seminar named ‘Attention points when [...]

What is the importance of general terms and conditions under Dutch law?

Many Czech companies are doing business with Dutch companies and vice versa. Practice shows that [...]

Mediation in the Netherlands as a quick and effective solution to disputes

If parties have a dispute and cannot resolve it together, the chosen path is often [...]

Why does it pay off to invest in a mortgage advisor when buying a house?

Tips and useful insights about the Dutch housing market Lennart Kaag is a freelance mortgage [...]

Your bank account frozen by a creditor: what to do?

In the Netherlands, it is possible for unpaid creditors to freeze the debtor’s assets to [...]

Why You Should Hire College Students

Many recent researches suggest that young adults are the greatest overachievers. When you decide to [...]

How to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 through artificial intellingence

An example is a new software tool co-developed by Déhora which aims to monitor the [...]