Why You Should Hire College Students

Many recent researches suggest that young adults are the greatest overachievers. When you decide to hire college students, chances are that productivity in the workplace will increase dramatically. Young talent recruitment not only increases productivity, but it also diversifies your employer brand. One of the biggest factors that contribute to an authentic employer brand is innovation. With college students’ or recently graduated individuals joining your team, you can surely expect a promising and dedicated workforce.

College Life Work offers a platform for recruitment managers to promote their jobs and hire college students — finding the most suitable and qualified candidates.

Support Activities

College Life Work allows you to enjoy following benefits:

  1. Smart recruitment of top candidates. College Life Work ensures that all candidates are qualified for the job they apply for. As a result of the partnerships between the platform and top universities, you can hire college students that are most suitable for your requirements. Furthermore, the platform focuses on a community-driven approach by supporting students and graduates in building their career paths. In-depth resources and personal guidance allow them to pave their road to success.
  2. Fast sourcing using active channels. College Life Work sources top talent fast through active recruitment channels. Get consistent quantities of applications and find the right candidates in just under a week.
  3. Deep recruitment strategy insights. A transparent way of working at College Life Work offers you the right means to calculate your costs per hire without any additional recruitment agency or hidden fees. The platform provides you with the necessary data to enable you to optimise your recruitment strategy. With its strategy insights, you can find answers to questions such as, ‘which channels work best?’, ‘where do candidates drop out’, or ‘is my description too long?’

Customer Success Stories

College Life Work has recently sourced top candidates for the world’s leading green plastic producer, Braskem, gathered 16 qualified candidates within just 19 days.

Allianz, the world’s 23rd largest public company, reached 51,526 potential candidates in less than 6 weeks.

Support Roles

College students recruited by College Life Work are typically ideal candidates for the following roles:

  • Account Management
  • Business Development
  • Customer Service
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Social media
  • Administration
  • Community Management

Leverage young talent

Hiring college students and graduates bring numerous benefits, some of which are:

  • Getting more out of your day. If you hire college students, you can delegate tasks and lift some weight off your shoulders. With helping hands, you will be more inclined to take necessary breaks. It is important to keep focused on what is important, not only what is urgent. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) article How to Focus on What’s Important is precisely touching this topic.
  • Ability to focus on more urgent tasks. Assign easy tasks to beginners so you can focus your energy and attention to larger projects. Hiring college students not only enables you to stay on track with urgent projects, but it will also increase your company’s productivity.

In an interview of 45 knowledge workers in 39 companies from eight different industries in the United States and Europe, it was found that most performers dedicated most of their time to invaluable tasks (HBR, 2013). One of the reasons for this is an understaffed workplace where tasks cannot be delegated and shared among employees.

  • Enhancing collaboration and practice leadership & management skills. Take the chance to practice your management capabilities. Hire college students and learn how to work with young people whose ideas differ from yours. Enhance your collaboration skills by listening to their insights — another great tip to build an authentic employer brand!
  • According to a study conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and Rob Cross, collaborative work is five times more likely to increase performance in the workplace.

Attract outstanding talent

Now it’s your turn. Promote your job to exceptional young candidates and hire them today. College Life Work is here to support you every step of the way.

  • The target audience: The platform attracts international students and graduates. College Life provides them with guidance, resources, advice, entertaining articles, as well as a platform to find a job. Students and graduates trust the integrity of the website through the relevant and up-to-date job alerts.
  • Non-native candidate eligibility. College Life’s international reach promotes a platform for young, multilingual recruitment with promising career success. Students are given the opportunity to find a job no matter what language they speak. Meanwhile, employers are offered the chance to turn their workplace into a more inclusive, global community.
  • Social recruitment as a benchmark: College Life Work utilizes social media platforms to the max. The extensive hyper-targeting of students and graduates through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok captures and retains the target audience’s attention.


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