The CDCC hosted online Drinks & Bites for its members

On 11 November 2020, the Czech-Slovak Dutch Chamber of Commerce hosted online Drinks & Bites for its members. Several of the members joined and shared their experience of doing business in the corona times. Overall, it was agreed that, especially during the first lockdown in spring, the situation was very difficult times for participants from a business perspective. But like every crisis, also this one brings new opportunities.

“It is easy to complain, do nothing and wait for others to help. But this is not what our members do. It was great to hear stories how they did not stay still and looked for opportunities to carry on their business or even expand it in these challenging times. What is needed? Typically, it is a mix of a portion of creativity, positive mind, decisiveness and persistence,” commented Kateřina Velíšková, Executive Director, CDCC.

As it was not possible to meet for Drinks & Bites in person, as originally intended, due to safety and health measures in place, the event was hosted online. To be able to toast together at least in a virtual way, the CDCC offered to its members a bottle of exclusive Moravian wine coming from some of the most reputable Moravian wine houses, which are members of V8, Alliance of wine producers, a member of the CDCC.

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