Czech is Nano: Advanced research and its successful transfer into business practice

The Czech Republic is one of the global leaders in research, development and industrial production based on nanotechnologies for various sectors, from textile through biotechnology, environmental applications, optics to the energy sector and beyond.

On 31 March 2022, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in The Hague together with the Czech Nanotechnology Industry Association and with the support of the CDCC hosted a session presenting some of the best outcomes of nanotechnology research and its application in practice by several Czech companies.

The nanotechnology research findings have got translated into advanced products across a wide range or various sectors, including electron microscopes for multiple industries, revolutionary nanofibre for the fashion industry, self-cleaning smart coatings containing titanium-dioxide nanocrystals for the highest cleaning efficiency in the world, nano bedding for dust allergies, nano products in cosmetics, smart lightings for smart cities, nano printing and many more.

“The small country in the heart of Europe has a long history of high-quality research, academic studies and successful application of findings into practice. The nano research has simply further built on this long tradition and put the Czech Republic firmly on the global map of hi-tech countries,” said Katerina Veliskova, Executive Director at CDCC.

Veliskova continued: “I was truly impressed by the superior quality of nano-technology-based products and its wide application in practice. Besides the technological advancements and superior quality delivered for consumers, nano-based products are also very environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional materials.”

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Networking at the Nano seminar
Networking after the Nano seminar
A presentation at the Czech Embassy
Mr. Benes, Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Czech Embassy introducing the Nano seminar