New member of the CDCC: Luto Group

The CDCC has the pleasure of introducing its new member, Luto Group.

Luto Group’s presence

Luto Group has been active in the labour market since 2006 specializing in personnel leasing of workers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Moldova. The Group has currently 15 branches across several EU countries and more than 2500 temporary employees. The strongest expertise of the Group is in sourcing workforce to the automotive industry and logistics with a very strong presence in the German market. Luto Group’s long-term customers include numerous international brands, including Volkswagen AG, Metro Logistics and DHL Paket GmbH.

Luto can provide an all-inclusive approach to recruitment and find the most suitable team members for its customers. Luto believes in fair and inclusive treatment. As such, its employees working for various customers are always well taken care of, including among others good-quality accommodation, control of references and health checks.

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