Business Week Central and Eastern Europe – Online


Date(s) - 08 December 2020 - 09 December 2020
All Day


Inspiration and dept

During the Business Week Central and Eastern Europe on December 8 and 9, experts will inform you about their sector knowledge and doing business in Central and Eastern Europe. They will also talk about doing business during the Corona era.

The Business Week focusses on the sectors Agri, Food and Horticulture, Sustainable Energy, Innovation and Circular Economy & Water. The starting point of this digital event is the future. Which opportunities lie in Central Eastern Europe? What can you do as an entrepreneur to achieve international success, despite the current limitations and challenges?

Focus on the Czech Republic on the 9th December.

Program, Wednesday December 9, 2020

09.30- 11.00 Live talkshow: Circular and sustainable business opportunities in Central Europe (ENG)

The transition to a circular economy is an emerging trend in the Central and Eastern European region. The Netherlands has made a major contribution to this movement through founding circular hotspots all around the region. This event brings together representatives of six hotspots from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. These experts will elaborate on circular business opportunities in their country. The discussion will also feature Dutch SMEs with experience in the region. The event aims to give guidelines on how to do circular business in the CEE region.

16.00- 17.00  Circular economy: Where to start doing business in the Czech Republic

Czech challenges make for Dutch opportunities”

The Czech Republic, the second most industrialized country in EU by GDP, is at the early stage of its transition from linear to circular economy. Take your chance to become part of this ambitious process providing for countless business, trade and investment opportunities!

In this session, the country´s leaders in the circular agenda will introduce you to sectors providing for both immediate and future business opportunities. You will hear about innovative solutions and technologies developed by Czech companies active in bio economics (agriculture, forestry), biodegradability, microplastics, nanotechnologies, but also industrial & construction waste management. Find out what your innovative solutions could mean for the Czech Republic, for example to decrease landfilling, utilize residues from agriculture and forestry, or combat bark beetle.

Combine the Dutch habit to innovate & trade with the Czech technical tradition, creativity & flexibility!

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