Hedvea becomes a member of the CDCC


On 1 December the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) welcomes a new member – Hedvea Corporation. The company, with its head office in Prague, Czech Republic, is specialised in the field of health, spa and wellness stays, complemented by personalised golf stays, organization of social events, motivational, business trips, congresses, luxury and similar types of events taking place in the Czech Republic.

Hedvea is focused on providing the top class services in health care that can satisfy even the most demanding clients. All the doctors and other personnel taking care of the clients are English-speaking professionals, often with internationally recognized certificates and experience in Western countries, such as the United States and Great Britain.

Besides customers from for example France, Germany and Switzerland, Hedvea is now entering the Dutch market and offering services to its clients in the Netherlands.

Hedvea is expanding its portfolio of services and contracted partners offering medical, golf and other services (clinics, resorts, heath institutes) providing the best quality in their field relying on strongly developed Czech health service, thanks to which the Czech Republic belongs among the countries with the most advanced medical and spa care in the world.

„The CDCC is excited about welcoming Hedvea on board and we are looking forward to organizing joint initiatives that will support the growth of Hedvea on the Dutch market and as a result bring many new highly satisfied clients,” commented Katerina Veliskova, Board member of the CDCC.

For more information please visit hedvea.com or contact directly office@hedvea.com.

If you are wondering what to give to your family or friends for Christmas, Hedvea offers a variety of gift vouchers for diverse events, such as wellness anti-stress programme in luxury Spa Hotel Imperial situated in Karlovy Vary or a health care programme in Prague including the most important medical examinations for a complete diagnosis of the state of health.