The CDCC invites the Hungarian Business Network members to join its Central European community


On 28 November 2019, the Hungarian Business Network (HBN) hosted its farewell event in Amsterdam during which the closing down of the organization was officially announced. In order to continue the cooperation among Hungarian companies and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) invited them to join their network. This will be the starting point of expanding the network into a Central European platform in The Netherlands.

The HBN and the CDCC organized their first joined event in September 2015 – a boat trip in Scheveningen – and since then the two organizations have started their cooperation.

The CDCC regrets that after 15 years of existence the HBN decided to close down. “A lot of work has been done. The HBN built a solid community, kept it alive and regularly organized interesting events for its members. This community should not be lost which is why the CDCC together with the HBN were looking for a way to keep the Hungarian business community in the Netherlands alive,” commented Katerina Veliskova, Executive Director at CDCC.

Currently, the CDCC has about 30 members – Czech, Dutch and Slovak companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals. By joining the organization, the HBN members will get access to numerous new contacts, events, and services provided which will help them grow their business and expand their professional network.

The membership in the CDCC brings numerous benefits. They can join two exclusive dinners every year, typically attended by the Czech and Slovak Ambassadors. They have access to other events, either free of charge or with a very attractive discount, which include seminars, receptions, business lunches, golf tournaments, business missions, and other activities. The members are promoted on CDCC’s website, in a newsletter, and in social media. On top of that, they get regularly invited to events organized by other European Chambers in the Netherlands.

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