The CDCC board meeting

The Czech-Slovak Dutch Chamber of Commerce hosted its Board meeting on the 8th of September 2023. During the meeting, the plans of the Chamber for the remainder of 2023 as well as for next year were discussed. The agenda of the event included the following topics:

  • Planned events for the rest of 2023
  • Outlook for events in 2024
  • Financial outlook for 2023
  • Membership situation
  • Partnership with other organizations

“The COVID-19 years have taken their toll on the Chamber. Between 2020 and 2022 we lost several members. The main reasons were the impossibility to host any physical networking event as well as challenging financial situation for some of our members caused by various COVID-19 related restrictions in place. Fortunately, we have gradually recovered from these tough years.” commented Vladimíra van Aarle, Chairwoman.

“We could welcome some new members recently and resumed our physical events. We are confident we will further expand our membership base,” continued van Aarle.

“Our course remained unchanged. Our mission is to become a key partner for companies, entrepreneurs and professionals with Central European roots supporting and promoting their business growth in the Netherlands,” added Kateřina Velíšková, Executive Director.

The next Board meeting is expected to be hosted in the fourth Quarter of 2023.

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