The CDCC hosted a guided tour and dinner in an iconic hotel in Rotterdam

The Czech-Slovak Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) hosted exclusively for its members an experience evening in Rotterdam on the 13th of September.

Every past September, the Chamber organized a traditional boat trip through Amsterdam water canals followed by a dinner. This tradition continues, however, in an updated form. This year, we invited our members to an iconic hotel in the centre of Rotterdam and offered them an exclusive tour through this monumental and very special building.

Hotel New York can be proudly called an iconic place where the history was written. Destiny of thousands of people changed right in this place as it was the last moment they stood on the European ground before they set off for the New World. Hotel New York is situated in the former headquarters of the Holland-America Line which ran ocean lines between Rotterdam and New York enabling to thousands of emigrants from all over Europe to start a better life there.

Since 1993, the monumental building has served as a hotel, restaurant and a meeting venue.

Our New York Hotel experience started with a guided tour through the hotel followed by an exclusive dinner in the NY Basement restaurant. Besides our members, we had the pleasure to welcome a special guest at the event – H.E. Mr. René Miko, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in The Hague.

“We were pleased to continue the tradition of hosting our annual dinner and offering a special experience to our members,” said Vladimira van Aarle, Chairwoman CDCC.

Katerina Veliskova, Executive Director CDCC added: “The history and people’s stories are written in the walls of this hotel. That’s where lives of many people changed. It’s also where several Dutch entrepreneurs formed and later successfully expanded the Holland-America Line company. Today, this iconic place still attracts many visitors to stay, dine, experience its vibes and even get inspired.”

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