The Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce agreed on cooperation with Hungarian Business Network

On 15 January 2018, the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) agreed with a representative of the Board of the Hungarian Business Network (HBN) in the Netherlands on a future cooperation between the two organizations. It will consist of a mutual support, joint events and access to events hosted by each of these organizations to the membership base of the other party.

The members of the CDCC and HBN will gain an opportunity to meet each other, explore possibilities for doing business together and mutual support in their business expansion.

“I am very excited about the cooperation between our two organizations. It will be beneficial for our members as they will get an opportunity to expand their network. Additionally, it will allow us to further promote the Central European region as an appealing market to do business with for Dutch companies and entrepreneurs. I am looking forward to many successful join events in the future,” said Katerina Veliskova, Board member of the CDCC.


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