The Dutch government supports ambitious start-ups

Through its Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan the Dutch government wants to help ambitious start-ups and other entrepreneurs who want to grow quickly, while sustainably their business.  In order to give them better access to capital, knowledge, innovation and the global market, the government has set aside €75 million.

“Start-ups that make it through can become future backbones of national economies. However, at the beginning of such a journey many challenges may stay in a way for these small businesses. The Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan of the Dutch government is a great example of an initiative supporting such young entrepreneurs and making it for them a bit easier to suceed,” commented Katerina Veliskova, CDCC.

The Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) regularly organizes networking events and business seminars. Besides members of the CDCC and other participants, also a number of start-up entrepreneurs join these gathering, share their experience, learn from others and expand their network.

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