We got together again: The CDCC hosted a summer drink for its members


On Wednesday 1 July 2020, the Czech-Slovak Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) hosted its first ‘post-corona’ event for its members in a beach club in Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

“After a few months of a ‘intelligent lockdown’ and practically no events organized due to COVID-19 related safety measures, we could finally get together and meet some of our members in person in a pleasant atmosphere on the Dutch coast. It was inspiring to hear from our members how they dealt with the coronavirus crisis and worked hard to keep their businesses running,” said Katerina Veliskova, Executive Director CDCC.

“Our members were carefully positive about their future undertakings. While challenging times are ahead of us, it is important look ahead, embrace challenges and think in opportunities because every crisis brings some,” added Veliskova.