The CDCC co-hosted legal seminar in Amsterdam

On 14 November 2019 the CDCC in cooperation with VEEM.Legal and DKVA organized the legal seminar introducing interesting insights into important topics in international business.
The seminar was opened by the Board member of the CDCC, Katerina Velíšková, followed by presentations of co-hosts and advocates Brigitte Vanatova from a niche law firm, VEEM.Legal, specialized in the international trade law followed by Menno Loos, advocate at the Amsterdam based law firm DKVA (De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten).
The representative of VEEM.Legal covered several highly relevant topics including termination of the contract under Dutch law as well as when the breach is fundamental. An interesting example of a case was introduced followed by a small role play with the engagement of the audience. The legal topics were followed by privacy law related presentation delivered by DKVA. The main focus was on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After the insightful presentations, the speakers responded to numerous questions from the audience.
The seminar took place in the office of DKVA in Amsterdam.
For more information:
Some participants at the seminar
Menno Loos, DKVA and Katerina Veliskova, CDCC.
Brigitte Vanatova, VEEM.Legal and Katerina Veliskova,CDCC.