The CDCC hosted Czech-Slovak Business Speed Dating and Reception

On 14 June 2018, the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) with the support of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in The Hague organized the Czech-Slovak Business Speed Dating and Reception.

It was the first event of this kind organized by the CDCC for business communities of the two countries. H.E. Roman Bužek, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic opened the evening by his welcome speech, followed by a short speech of H.E. Jana Reinišová, Ambassador of the Czech Republic. Afterwards, Vladimíra van Aarle and Kateřina Velíšková, the Board members of CDCC shared key objectives of the event and introduced the mission of the Chamber. The official introduction was followed by several short business speed dating sessions allowing participants to introduce one to another and see how they can possibly support each other. The whole event was moderated by Hana Rapantová.

In many aspects, the two countries, the Czech and Slovak Republics, are very close to each other. They have a joint history, being one country for 75 years (1918 – 1993), the Czech and Slovak languages are very close, many Slovaks live in the Czech Republic and vice versa, and there are many business relations and mutual trade between the two countries. “The CDCC is supporting Czech businesses and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and we realized that we can easily offer our services also to Slovak companies and business professionals in the country,” commented Vladimíra van Aarle, the Chairperson of CDCC.

From L to R: Katerina Veliskova, H.E. Roman Buzek, Hana Rapantova, Vladimira van Aarle

“Our intention was to contribute to closer relationship between Czech and Slovak business people in the Netherlands, allowing them to expand their network and support each other. We trust that this event marked a start of such closer cooperation and we look forward to hosting similar events in the future,” added Kateřina Velíšková.

Around 50 participants joined the event.

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